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One Hand Clapping is an incredibly unique 2D puzzle platformer that invites you to sing into a microphone to solve musical puzzles. Discover your voice as you explore a beautiful, musical landscape and change the world around you.

All you need is a microphone, headphones, and your voice to play!

  •  Stand your ground against the crowds of a hostile city.
  •  Wander through an expansive, multicolored desert and sing to change the world.
  •  Enter the depths of a cave echoing with melodies and harmonies.
  • Sing along with the whimsical hermit throughout your musical journey.

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System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7/8/10, Mac OS X 10.9 or higher
  • Processor: 2.4 GHz or faster
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GPU with 1+ GB of VRAM
    • Windows must have DirectX 11 capabilities
  • Storage: 4.75 GB available space


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OHC for MAC 368 MB


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Maybe the servers are overloaded right now? Because the download is failing a lot of times, but I guess it's because of a video about it and I should try later...

Hey ferinsy! Most likely your computer doesn't have space for the game, but good news is -- we'll be releasing an updated version of the game later this week that has a smaller file size! I'll make sure to message you when that happens so you know when to redownload it ^^ Thanks for your support and patience ❤️

No, I have over 400GB available, it was something about the server, really. I clicked the "my download didn't start" button and could download it by the side link ^^

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My tip for people playing this game is to raise the mic's sensibility (Windows' "Sound" settings > Input > Device properties > Levels). I love the game, but I noticed that I was having to hum very loud for it to notice my voice, and I noticed the same thing happening to other players, from their gameplay videos. Maybe it would be nice to add some in-game settings to change that?

I personally bumped mine with a whopping +20.0 dB, and my second playthrough was much, much easier (not "cheating" easy, just a lot more responsive and less frustrating).

Awesome game, really. Shame it's short. Any plans for creating a longer version (of course, not a "pay-what-you-want" version)?


Most innovative game I've played in a good while. The art is amazing and the music is so atmospheric. I've never seen anything like the mechanics in this game before. It really shows that the devs put a lot of work into the game so I wish you guys the best of luck with developing it!

Thanks Havoc Games! Really appreciate the kind words ^^ ❤️


This seriously needs a to be a mobile game. One reason why is because there's a couple of plagiarized versions already, but the main reason is just because it's the perfect platform for a minimalistic game like this.

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The second level loaded about 1 HOUR!!!!After i fallen in cave and....I could not move!!! I press in arrows but nothing happened!!! FIX IT!!!  8 singing pickles out of 10 


You should ask nicely.


Hey Filename2! Sorry you were having problems with the game - we're currently working on optimizing our game assets to make the game run smoother and faster! I'll make sure to message you when we release an update so you can redownload the game 🎵 Thanks for your patience and support!

Hmm, My specs meets the requirements except memory, i have 6 GB and 3 GB available only (Windows paging and stuff), I couldn't even start the game, please help me, i really want to play this game :(

Hey KingLuigi4932! We're currently working on optimizing game asset size so the game doesn't take as much space -- sorry that you haven't been able to play the game yet D: I'll definitely make sure to message you when we update the game so you can redownload it and play it ^^ Thanks for your support and patience 🎵



What are those stones for? I didn't notice I could activate them until I saw a gameplay video. Are they considered a secret? I noticed that there's at least one outside of the main path. How many are there in total? What happens if you activate them all?


Hey gninolps! They're just a fun optional puzzle you can do ^^ We wanted to make sure the game was playable for players of any skill level while also including puzzles for players who wanted a bit of a side challenge (there are two that are outside the main path) 🎵! 

Nice, found them all, I think.

There are 5 of them in total, 2 hidden from the main paths as OHC mentioned. I'll give hints of their locations below, under the alert, so read at your own risk. Each time you activate a stone, a part of your body gets colorful, and that's it. Nothing else unlocked as far as I can notice. The ending was the same.


1st hidden stone: Right after the area you have to cross, with 2 floating rocks.

2nd hidden stone: Shortly after your green friend joins you.


1st: Create a bridge/stair that goes over both floating rocks, instead of going over the first one and under the second one. The magic stone is on a platform to the right.

2nd: After creating a few platforms, you'll need to go over a large gap by making some more platforms. Instead of making them, keep walking down the slope. Activating this magic stone is a bit tricky, but I'm sure you can figure it out.


For me the game gets loaded for 5 seconds and then there's a blackscreen. When i press esc i can see the menu, and in the beginning i can only see 'sing your lowest tone' or something like that. How can I fix this? :((( I really wan't to play this game

Oh no! We'll be releasing an updated version of the game later this week - and hopefully it fixes this problem TheWitcher03! Thanks so much for wanting to play our game ❤️ I'll make sure to message you as soon as we release an update so you can redownload and try it again :) 


Why the hell would a 2D game need 8 GB RAM!? Oh cmon, can't you make the game spec lower?

Sorry if i sounded harsh. It's just i really wanna play the game but my computer doesn't support it. The game concept sounds really cute.

Hey SinarDewa! We're currently working on optimizing the game assets inside the game to make the game file smaller! Sorry that the file size has been preventing you from playing it - I'll make sure to keep you updated as to when we're releasing an updated version of the game ❤️ Thanks for wanting to play the game, really appreciate your support ^^


Wow, I have never played a game like this before. I mean it sorta reminds me like those typing games, but this is way better. I mean I feel like the more I play this game the better my vocals will be. Although I will never sing in public ever  again xD. 


never have i seen a game like it and i always try to come up with interactive game play , this is by far an amazing project and a nice approach to the genre GREAT work 

Thank you vvvRavenvvv! Really appreciate the kind words ❤️


This would be an amazing game, but it was so laggy I could not finish it (when I got to parts where you have to hit a pitch at a certain time it wouldn't work because it lagged and made it show it was sung later than it was). I know for a fact it is not my computer's fault (I'm on a Mac) because everything else on my computer runs perfectly. Has anyone else had this problem?


Ah! Oh no! We will be releasing an updated build later this week that hopefully fixes this problem! Will make sure to let you know when that happens so you can smoothly play the game🎵


Thanks :) I really hope I can because the concept is really cool.


Thanks for the game ! I really enjoyed the experience. If you plan to make it longer, it would be nice to propose new gameplays, maybe something linked to timers or other platforms gameplays ? Did you use a unity Asset for the pitch detection, or did you build it from scratch ?

Hey tieum67! Thanks for the support - fun story: One Hand Clapping used to have platforms and timers a while back! The team scripted the pitch detection ourselves, wasn't a Unity asset🎵


ok ! nice work then ! i guess you could publish your pitch detection on the assetstore, there are not so many assets of this type and none of them is a betseller. I also thought it would be nice to combine singing and jumping/moving. For the moment, the player has to sing and then move to the end of the screen. Could be that  the player has to jump and  then sing to make a platform appear under his feet at the  right time for example. Cheers !

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Game downloaded and installed fine. Beautiful graphics and interesting concept. I've never played a game like this before that you interact with your voice! Great for vocal warm ups, too! Great job! I hope a longer version will be made because I really enjoyed it. I'd donate if I had the money.

Thank you lunarkt! Glad you enjoyed playing and no worries about the download! We're just happy to see people having a fun time with it ^^ 🎵


love the game but unfortunately i suck at it

I downloaded the game fine, i tried starting it up but it just crashes every single time, any help?

Hey Twighllight_Nexus! We'll be releasing an updated version of the game later this week that will hopefully address this problem! Will make sure to message you when that happens so you're able to play the game :) Thanks for your patience and support 🎵


When I try and download the game, Windows Defender SmartScreen pops up and prevents me from playing, claiming that the game might damage my computer. Can you confirm similar problem, and were you told of it before?

Hey Razor678! Does it give you an option to 'Run Anyway' (or something similar to that)? 

Yes, it does, I just want to make sure that the issue is false, since it became my instinct to confirm such matters first.


Hi, um, when I install the game, it finishes installing, but it never really does. It always tells me I have to install it again after I already did. Is there anything I could do to fix it?

Hey AnnaBananaHM! Do you have enough space on your computer to install the game? Thanks for the support 🎵


I loved playing through this! What a fun take on a 'platformer'. It's nice that there's more interaction between the game and person playing, and it isn't bad that the graphics are beautiful! Can't wait to see what you guys come up with when it's all done! (Will post my play-through later today!)

Thank you veeyah! Happy to hear that you enjoyed playing the game ^^ 🎵

I am having so many issues downloading the game and I have tried twenty times :((( It starts downloading and then stops right near the end. help


no data. or your computer sayin: im not takin it anymore!


A game very beautiful aesthetically but also for the concept, in short a success !

Thank you Koopadus! Your words are too kind haha - the team  is just happy to hear people are enjoying the game 🎵


hey! this game honestly looks like something i would live for, but i was wondering if this game would arrive in chromebook. i have a samsung chromebook, and its disapointing to see not so many games be able to my type of laptop, but if this game was able to be on a samsung chromebook, i would totally appreciate it :)

Hey the.annoying.one! Thanks for asking! The team is currently talking about how we want to expand on the game - we'll make sure to keep everyone (including you!) updated if we decide to move to other platforms than Mac/PC! ^^ 🎵


Pretty unique game I have to say, kinda hard to play it with a straight face :)

Here's a short video :

Oh my gosh this had me in FITS of laughter. I played and recorded a gameplay too, but man, yours was so entertaining to watch! Holy crap. Hahaha!

I'm really glad you enjoyed :) Thanks for watching!

Hahah thanks for sharind Deadslash! Glad you enjoyed the game ^^🎵

I had lots of fun time playing it, thank you!


i installed itch.io to my computer and downloaded the game from the itch.io website but how do i play the downloaded game on the installment??

Hey crowndiddy_74! After you download the game, you have to 'Extract All' to unzip the files. And then double click on the 'OneHandClapping' Application to play the game :) We're actually releasing an updated build of the game later this week if you wanted to wait a few days for that to drop! 🎵


thank you so much! i actually got ahold of the game already and i LOVED IT!!! i'm definitley excited for that update :)

Oh awesome! Glad you were able to figure it out! And the update mainly focuses on fixing various crash/bug problems people have been facing + Chinese/Japanese localization :) 


i press download but i dont know how to accses it

Hey soleij97! After you download the game (either Mac or PC), you have to unzip the files by clicking on 'Extract All' and then you can play the game by double clicking on the Application called 'OneHandClapping'! Thanks for your support 🎵

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I have a problem with the game. When the game loads I can hear when I'm walking and my self in the backround, but I can't see the game itself. My computer meets the System Requirements. Hopefully you can fix this issue soon. [EDIT] when i press ESC I can see the options to recalibrate etc. , but anything outside that I can only hear

Hey EspiranTo! Thanks for letting us know! We're actually releasing an updated version of the game later this week that hopefully addresses this problem 🎵 I'll make sure to message you when that happens so you're able to play the game! 

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i cant open this game from my downloads 

Google  downloads

Help plz 

Hey Mmmo! Did you unzip the files by clicking 'Extract All'? After unzipping the files, double click on the 'OneHandClapping' Application to play the game! Let me know if you've done that already but are still experiencing problems, and I'll be happy to help more 🎵


I saw Markiplier play this a few hours ago and I decided to check it out, and the game is sooo colorful and vibrant, and I love the everything about the game and may I ask will this ever be out on the Chromebook?

how? can you please guide me through the process of dowloads? i do it but theres so many

Hey livypopop! After you download the files (either for PC or Mac), you have to unzip all the files by clicking on 'Extract All' and then double click on the 'OneHandClapping' Application to play the game! Let me know if you've done that and are still having problems -- will be happy to help more if you need it! ❤️

how do you acsess the downloads

Hey Block42! Yeah that youtube video was awesome haha, Markiplier has the voice of an angel ❤️ The team is currently talking about how we can expand on the game - such as exploring other platforms than Mac/PC - but we'll make sure to let everyone (including you!) know when we make decisions :) Thanks for your support🎵

Greetings from the Philippines! I have a problem with the game not responding after the first logo. I've met all the requirements, but it still won't work. I want to play this game so bad.

Hey MadMcdo! We're going to be updating the game in a few games that hopefully fixes this problem! I'll make sure to message you when that happens so you can redownload and play the game ^^ 🎵 Thanks for your support and patience! 

I saw this game on a letsplay and I can't sing well so I was wondering if it would work with an instrument? I notice it says sing, hum, or whistle, which is very close to the flute. Do you know if it would work if I used my flute to play the game?

I tried it when testing out the game. Depending on the acoustic and your mic it'll work


Thanks so much!

Hey mermaidith! You should be able to play with the flute (we've never tried that but that sounds really awesome!) During our development process, one of our team members would actually try playing the game using an otamatone haha - was lots of fun to watch 🎵

Hey, I don't know if there's a support page or something but my game won't load at all.
It goes through the first logo, then stops responding.
I know my computer has all of the proper requirements (I play GuildWars2 and Diablo3 on this laptop) but this one doesn't want to run at all...

Hey Keitani! Have you recently downloaded the game? We updated the game earlier today to hopefully address this problem! Let me know if you've downloaded in the past 12 hours or so and are still facing this problem and will be happy to help more ❤️

Hey. I downloaded the game within the mentioned timeframe but I'm facing the same issue as well. If there's anything I need to do to on my laptop to rectify this, please do let me know. Thanks in advance!

Hey Celestia6969! We'll be updating the game again this week to hopefully fix this problem! Thank you again for your patience - I'll make sure to message you when that happens so you're able to play the game :) 🎵

The game will not register my voice, any idea why?:(

Also I looked at the comments below, I pressed esc and nothing happened, possible the game is frozen but doesn't look like it

Hey itsssyd! Thanks for your patience - we'll be releasing an updated version of the game this week. I'll make sure to message you when that happens! Hopefully it's able to fix the problem you're facing ^^ 🎵

It was a wonderful  game to play and it is, very tough for me to sing but yet I enjoy it a lot and had fun with it.

Hey JangleX! Thanks so much for checking out our game! Happy to hear that you enjoyed it - loved the clapping parts haha🎵

Hmm... I wish there was a mode for people who don't have a microphone or have problems with having the game register the correct notes. I'd say I'm at least a good enough singer to hit four notes in succession and my microphone is also pretty alright so I don't know why it won't pick up my singing? To circumvent this I took my melodica and played the required notes that way. Then, during the third time (I think) that the green guy wanted me to play him something it just wouldn't register properly again. The pitch detector thingy was flying all over the place and I didn't know why. Also that's when my game froze.

I'm sure this game could be a fantastic experience if my computer allowed it to function properly but at this point in time I don't see myself enjoying it as much as I had hoped to :(

Also the load times are ridiculous even on the fastest graphics settings which is strange because I can run other more graphically impressive games just fine.


Hey OrikamiPanio! Thanks for checking out our game - really appreciate the support ❤️ Also thanks for letting us know about the problems you're facing. 

In terms of the calibration problems - have you tried to press 'ESC' and increase the mic sensitivity to max? Or if you recalibrate, make sure to sing your lowest, most comfortable note and hold it for the entirety of the white bar. If the calibration is messed up (for example, if it picks up loud background noise), then it'll be difficult to solve the musical puzzles later on. That's super awesome that you tried to play with your melodica! Let us know if you tried those and it still didn't work and we'll be happy to help more🎵

About the load times -- we're working on decreasing the file size of the game and will make sure to let everyone know when we release an updated version of the game that'll decrease load times in the game! Thanks for your patience!

Yeah, I tried putting the sensitivity on max and recalibrating, both with my voice and the melodica while holding a comfortable low note for the entire duration of the white bar. The most background noise I had was birds chirping outside my window but that wasn't picked up by the microphone.

I'm happy to hear that you're working on the optimization and I'll be keeping my ears peeled to hear about new updates.

And one last thing: I think that a quick retry button for some of the puzzles would be neat if you start off with the wrong note for a bridge puzzle and know that it won't work or won't bring up all the platforms. Waiting for the bar to reach the right side of the screen and sitting through green guy's song for the umpteenth time gets a little bit tiring after a while even though he's apparently a better singer than me ;)

Hey OrikamiPanio! We'll be updating the game later this week - will make sure to message you so you know and can redownload the game (hopefully it addresses the problem you're facing!) Thanks for your patience 🎵

it takes to long to download and it uses zip! plz if you can change it to a different downloading system and plz put it on different downloading sites!

Hey lucylolo99! We're currently working on minimizing the file size of the game and will make sure to let people know when we update the game to address this problem! Thanks for your support and patience❤️

There's a long delay when I sing into the mic. My mic works fine with other things. Is there a way I can fix this? 

Hey Kotailri! We're currently working on fixing this problem -- a couple temporary solutions are to alt-tab in and out of the game or to restart it. We'll let you know when we update the game and have a more permanent solution. Thanks for your support and patience ❤️

when i try to sing my lowest note it doesnt move:(


Ahhhhh..I want it so bad! Someone on discord said I would like it because I like to make alot of noise on there...but...I can't! No money TwT Would play it though!

Hey Tetsushi! The game is actually free to download (it's a 'name your price')! ❤️ We wanted to make sure that the game was accessible to as many players as possible :) Let us know if you have any problems downloading it, and we'll be happy to help!


"Name your own price" = You can download it for free, and if you like it you can donate when you have the money.

I wish it was downloadable for Chromebook. Thats all i have at the moment and this game looks so cool

Hey IceyGlitch! Right now the team is exploring where to take the game - we'll make sure to let everyone know if we explore other platforms in addition to PC/Mac. Thank you for your support ❤️


Would be nice to have it on Linux.

Very good game though!

Thanks BrightOne! Right now the team is definitely exploring the options of expanding the game - we'll make sure to let everyone know when we decide! Thanks for the support🎵

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