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One Hand Clapping is an incredibly unique 2D puzzle platformer that invites you to sing into a microphone to solve musical puzzles. Discover your voice as you explore a beautiful, musical landscape and change the world around you.

All you need is a microphone, headphones, and your voice to play!

  •  Stand your ground against the crowds of a hostile city.
  •  Wander through an expansive, multicolored desert and sing to change the world.
  •  Enter the depths of a cave echoing with melodies and harmonies.
  •  Sing along with the whimsical hermit throughout your musical journey.

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OHC for MAC 348 MB


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This was a really cool game. I have seen this concept done multiple times. However, I do believe that this was the most well executed of the ones I have seen. Hope you continue to develop and have fun in the process. Thank you!


Thanks for downloading and playing One Hand Clapping, MechModMusic! Glad you and your son enjoyed playing the game :) 

It keeps telling me to plug in my Mic, it's already plugged in, i tried unplugging it and plugging it back in, and checking to see that it's my main input device

(BTW i'm using the Mac version)


Did you plug/unplg when the game was already up? iirc, it's better to try closing the application completely, debugging your mic, then launching the game. See if that works


I love this game, It is one of the most beautiful games I've ever played. I teared up a little at the end. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful art! Please make more, please make a full length experience of this! 


Thanks so much for downloading and playing the game!! We're so happy to hear how much you enjoyed it and love seeing players like you have the chance to wholeheartedly sing with One Hand Clapping! 🎵

it crashed for me too i wanna send the crash report but don't know how


♪(┌・。・)┌ Just a video where I sing about my friend donkey

had a really fun time! look forward to what you do next :3

♪(┌・。・)┌  Glad you had a fun time DaniSans! Thanks for checking out the game and recording your playthrough -- we all enjoyed watching the video! ♪(┌・。・)┌


D'awe (°◡°♡).:。! glad everybody enjoyed watching


Really nice looking game with great ideas. I did have some issues with the mic calibration but it made for a funny video (at 16:18)

Thanks for downloading the game tomchesire! Sorry to hear about the mic calibration problem -- I believe you were talking over the first calibration, so it calibrated it bit wonky! If you press escape and sing your most comfortable note for the duration of the white bar, that might help though! Thanks again for your support ^^ 🎵


i can actually clap with one hand

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Hi! I just downloaded this game and went to launch it and it crashed. A little message window popped up and said I should send the crash report file to you, I was wondering where I should send it? I'm going to try and run it again, maybe the graphics were too much or something.

I tried again on a different graphics setting (Simple instead of Fastest) and it just crashed again

Hey Vignette, sorry to hear about the crashing problem! We're currently working on fixing it and will let you know as soon as we put up a new build :) Thanks for your support!

Thank you!


Hum, what am I supposed to do now? Can't get past the barrier!

Other than that, the game is beautiful, innovative and has nice music. Well done!

I also have this problem, I don't know what to do :(

Hey Raphae1 and linette.kuh! Thanks for downloading the game - we're currently working on fixing this problem and will let you know as soon as it's fixed :) 

that happened to me to

Me too :(

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I can't either :/


I love this concept! Keep up the good work; I'd love to see the finished product!

Is this an issue that anybody else has. The game keeps crashing at the introduction

I'm also having this issue sadly.... I can't get past the unity screen

I'm also having this problem

Hey all! Thanks for letting us know -- we're looking into this problem and will let you know when it's fixed! :) 

Is this an issue that anybody else has. The game keeps crashing at the introduction


Really had fun with this game! Such a unique use of voice activation and a really interesting tone to the whole journey you go through. Would love to see where else you can take these mechanics in the future. Great job!

Thanks so much for playing the game!! Your playthrough was so funny and enjoyable to watch ^^ glad you enjoyed it🎵


This was such a lovely and clever game guys, thanks for putting the time in to make it - it's very clear love went into this!

Hope to see more from you.

Hey Geg! Thanks so much for downloading and playing the game! We're super happy to hear you enjoyed it and loved watching you play it through :) 


Not at all, thank you for watching! :)

Oh no, I have a black screen. I wait a long time, maditating with the music before understanding that's it's bug. Doe sthe game use a particular technology? 

Maybe a directX or Pixel shader that my old Nvidia 9500 GS can't handle, haha

Hi Topkapi! Sorry to hear that! When did the black screen happen? 

The character's head disappears whenever I hold still... It may just be my own computer but I figured I should let you guys know either way :D (also there's the first obstacle thing but I know you're working on that <3)

Oh no D: We'll definitely look into that problem - thanks for letting us know and for checking out the game! Restarting the game might fix it, hopefully you didn't have a headless character the whole playthough!


Brilliant. Not every day do you see such novel mechanics in a game. Though it did occasionally take me a little far out of my vocal range, it was still extremely satisfying getting through the platforming puzzles with little more than your voice. Great work!


Thank you so much for trying out our game! We really enjoyed watching you playthrough the game and are happy that you were able to have a fun time and get to the end :) 

i cant jump over the fence

Thanks for downloading our game! We will be making a quick fix to solve that problem so you don't run into it again! :)

I don't know if it's just my game or what, but I can't jump over the first obstacle. It's too tall for my character to get over, also the mic has a huge delay. Any tips?

Hello! Thanks for downloading the game! Thanks for letting us know - we're currently working on fixing the first obstacle bug (it only happens to a few players) but will let you know when it's fixed so you can continue playing the game with ease! To fix the mic delay problem, you just have to restart the game, and that should fix it :)

How do you jump past the first obstacle when it tells how to jump, because I cant  jump over it and I've tried singing to see if anything changes, but nothing does.

Hello! Thanks for downloading our game! In order to jump, you either have to press the Spacebar, W key, or Up-Arrow key! Hopefully that solves the problem - let us know if you have any other questions :) 

any chance we can use our laptop's built in mic instead of having to plug in one? 0:

Hi Zero! As long as you have a Mic  (built-in or otherwise) that Unity can discover, you should be able to play. Are you seeing the "Plug in a mic" screen despite having a built-in one? 

yup!! my computer should have a built-in one but it still pops up ><

We don't have a solution for you right now, but we're looking into it! Thanks for letting us know. 


Yw!! Ty for making such an intresting concept and a cool game!! ^u^


What an amazing idea!! Executed really well too... Loved it!