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I love to sing, so this game was absolutely delightful. I hope you enjoy the lets play I did for this. :) Thank you. 

As many other people have said, for lots of people the game doesn't detect the lowest note or whatever so it is unusable

hi can u tell me how to get into the game

I just can't input my lowest voice,and I can't enter the game, that really upset me a lot.

After I finish the first option, it suddenly stop for about 2secs, then I reached the "sing your lowest voice" part, and nomatter what I said it's just nothing happened, that makes me really upset. I really want to play

hi the game works fine until i fall under the ground

the game play sounds only with black screen i need a help

Hey, Michael_vx! Sorry to hear that the game's giving you some trouble. Does your PC fall under all of the system requirements listed above? It may be in need of an OS upgrade, or perhaps something else. We'll do our best to figure it out. Let us know!

sorry for late

almost everything in system requirements match

only the RAM is 4GB and my GPU supports DX10 max


now i have 6 GB of ram

I just played this game for my channel and I loved it so much. Thank you for such a beautiful game and keep up the great work! Find it on EmberWytch Games soon. Thank you again.

Thanks so much for the kind words! So happy you enjoyed it!

For some reason whenever I try to launch this game it gets to the opening screen then freezes. I'm playing on Windows and have tried reinstalling

Hi Nerdic! Sorry to hear you've run into some trouble. Does your PC meet all of the system requirements listed above? If so, let us know if the problem persists and we'll do our best to help out!

I have headphones with a microphone built  into them will they work for this?

any microphone or headphone works fine as long as it will hear you



I made a video about your game, hope you like it.

Haha we loved it! Pretty sure this is the first time we've seen someone beatbox to make their sound waves in the desert. 😆 Thanks for playing and sharing with us!!!

'Please Plug In Your Microphone' So I connect my earphone but it keeps saying that word. Is this normal? Should I use microphone or headphone?

any microphone or headphone works fine as long as it will hear you

i  tried to download it but my WinZip (this download with a past download:Stuck @home) popped up and had me exit out some stuff zip files etc and then i got tired of it and went to the files to just clicked the Application and there was no Application can somebody help me on this??

Once you extract all the files (which you can do by right-clicking the zip folder and clicking Extract All) you'll see an executable called OneHandClapping, which will get you up and running. It sounds like you might not have extracted the files. If you're still stuck, post a screenshot and I'll try to help you out. Thanks for downloading!

got it working thanks for the advice :D

Awesome! Glad to hear it :)

I absolutely just love this little gem! It's such an interesting concept to make use of the otherwise well known karaoke-singstar-mechanic in a "real" computer game with an interesting world and atmosphere!

A while ago I made a Let's Play video of "One Hand Clapping" and I figured that I'd share it here. Enjoy :)


i just wanted to say i loved your video X'DD

So, I totally forgot to reply to your comment, sorry about that :C I'm SO happy that you liked my video of this awesome little game! Maybe there's other stuff on my channel that you would find funny and interesting? :D


Thanks so much for sharing your voice with all of us! Take On Me has never sounded so beautiful....

Haha, I must say that I prefer other versions of Take On Me, but then again, most people hate the sound of their own voice ;D Again, thanks for creating this awesome and unique game, I hope to see much more from you guys in the future!

Does this work with an iMac's built-in microphone? It asks me to plugin one so... I wasn't sure if it was possible to play it with just the built-in :-/ I've seen YouTubers play it and it looks and sounds fantastic, but...

Hmmm it can work with a built in microphone although you might get some feedback. That pop up displays when the game can’t detect any active mic so I’d make sure your internal microphone is enabled or use an external microphone if possible. Thanks for downloading!

Cool, I'll check that -- thanks for the reply, I'll try again! :)

Very ineresting game project! 

Thanks! <3

Hi, just noticed this game from youtubers over the world. :D

My opinion is that it's a great game. The idea to use real voices is amazing. Although it doesn't possess a lot of challenge for experienced singer. Is there any more challenging 'singing' game out there? Or in development, or at least any info?

Thank you for your great comment Adhiesc! One of our design goals was to make the game accessible for people of all singing experience. A longer game could certainly teach players more and becoming more challenging! If you want to stay up to date with the future of One Hand Clapping then you can follow us on Twitter (@OHC_Team) and Facebook (@onehandclappinggame) or visit our website and sign up for our newsletter. 

So, at the start of the game when it says "sing your loest comfortable note," I do it and it doesn't work. I also can't change the sensitivity.

pls help

Hey GannonStrike! Thanks for downloading the game and sorry to hear that you can't get it to work. Have you tested your microphone outside of the game? You may need to raise the microphone volume externally by increasing the gain on your microphone or changing it in system settings. On Windows, this is under Sound>Recording>Microphone>Levels. On Mac, it's under System Preference>Sound>Input>Input Volume.

can i download it to a chrome book?

Unfortunately it's not built for Chromebooks, but from what I read there are apps available that can help you run Windows programs. I can't say I've ever tried that, but if you give it a try, please let us know if it works! Thanks for downloading!


OOF its the wrost game  this is the BEST GAME BOIII yup yup 

yup YUP

Would love to play this game but i cant get past the part with the sing whistle or hum your lowest tune because it does not detect my mic (snowball) nor can i access the escape menu.


And that folks is how i found out i can't sing! Fun concept though, loved it!

Music to my ears. Loved the video RVZ, thanks for playing!


Extremely unique gameplay!! Phenomenal job, I really, really hope you expand on it!!

Loved the moment you figured out how the shrines work. We'd like to share your video on Twitter - what's your handle? 

By the way, we're working on expanding One Hand Clapping into a full-length title. You can stay tuned in by signing up for newsletter at Thanks for playing!

Yesss, I’m so excited you’re turning it into a full-length title, just subscribed to the newsletter! One of those one-off games I did on the channel that really still has me craving more, so I’ll definitely be supporting that when it comes out!

And sure, share away, I’ll be sure to follow you all on twitter as well. My Twitter handle is @TheUSAviator, glad you enjoyed the play through as much as I did! 


i love my voice

I’m very happy to hear that. Loving your voice is super important! 


one of best games than i have played on itch

one of best games than i have played on itch

one of best games than i have played on itch

This game is amazing! Never tried anything like it, I'm so impressed by the technology!


I love this game!


  I tried this game on my Mac Pro. However, the game cannot detect my voice at all for some reason. Anyone know how can I solve this problem?


I loved this game. I always put it off for no reason, and I'm glad I finally made time for it!


Incredible concept! Awesome game, I really loved it!

Thanks so much HOeHO! Happy that you enjoyed playing the game ^^ Thanks for sharing your playthrough vid! 🎵


wow its a super game . iloved it soo much

Thanks arh548!! Glad you enjoyed it ^^ 🎵


The game was amazing, I definetly recommend it. Great job guys!


Thank you lalalaeti!! ^^ 🎵


Okay, so i really love the game but whenever i open the file from desktop it tells me about downloading a file it considers a threat to my PC or whatever. and it runs so slowly that i cant even play! HELP!


I've loved this game, please make a longer gameplay because I need more of it. Congratulations, this game is one of the bests and more originals that I've ever played!

Hey LucaoJooJ! The team is currently talking about how we want to continue expanding on the gameplay -- we'll definitely make sure to keep everyone in the loop if that happens though :D Thanks for your support and kind words, it means a lot to us ^^ 🎵


Hey, it would be great if you add it on Android too. As I have a better phone than my PC, I think I'll be able to play it and post on YouTube. 

Hey SoundStorm14! We're currently discussing ways of how we want to expand the game (including moving to other platforms as well). If we decide to go to mobile, we'll definitely let everyone know though :D 🎵


 Hey developers,

It's a great game and I love it. I only have one issue though. I was having a huge issue with the what is the vocal range. In the game it said to sing your lowest note which you are comfortable with, which for me is around G3 if middle c is C4. But I can go as high as E6, and on lucky days F#6. 

So what i'm trying to get at is if someone has a huge range then the notes for you to hit aren't very well represented in the game. Is there a way you can ask for the player to input the highest pitch they are comfortable singing as well? If so, when you calculate what note to hit can you just take the ratio of the distance between the notes shown one the screen to be more accurate for the person?

Thanks for making a great game!

Hey element22! Thanks for the concern/suggestion! I'll definitely bring it up to the team and see what their thoughts are. We mainly want to make sure that the game can be played by players who are pretty familiar with music (such as yourself!) as well as players who basically don't sing much at all. Thanks for the kind words though - glad you enjoyed the game ^^ 🎵


I agree 100% with this person, I love to sing as a hobby (like going to box karaoke and such) but even though I have great pitch, my range isn't so amazing, plus I played this in the morning without warming up my voice, and I really wished I'd had the ability to put in both my bottom and top notes so that I could more accurately hit things... I imagine you want the notes to match up with the BGM, but you could just use that info as a branching point for example (a person who demonstrates a wide range could have different notes than a person whose range is narrower, for example, but both sets of notes would go with the BGM). Also unrelated, my suggestion is 2P play with harmonies. That would be amazing. Oh and my final suggestion would be to team up with a poet or song writer to add some lyrics for players to sing... not for the game to detect (that would be hugely irritating for everyone, including players, for lots of reassons) but just so that players don't have to just go around going "la la la" all the time. I would have loved to be singing words. Basically what Rock Band does, just measuring pitch (they don't care if you replace all the words in "Sabotage" by the Beastie Boys with "meow meow meow" as long as the rhythm is correct... XD)

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