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Great Game show Like.

Would you ever consider trying to make this game for chromebooks and androids?



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This game has been wonderful so far, only having a few issues with the calibration, I couldn't fill the bar after I set the note. A cancel button or a reset button would nice. However, otherwise the game runs smoothly and not to spoil anything but the little secrets are nice too.

Edit: Also, one of the terminals doesn't seem to activate in the desert, not sure if that is on purpose. (The one below the rock stairs)


I recorded a video on this, but because the game closed itself after the credits, I lost the recording :P

This game is really awesome though! Great job!

Ah oh no! Sorry that you lost the recording :'( but thank you for playing it! ❤️


I absolutely love this game! It has amazing graphics and great and unexpected characters, I hope that other people play and experience the beauty of this game! 

Thank you so much The_Darkened_Void! ❤️ Glad that you enjoyed playing our game :D 

I'm unable to figure out how to download the game.. I came here from Markiplier's youtube. I download it and it pulls up the files, then gives the option  to unzip/extract the files, which I do. Once that's done I try to open the game (which I'm assuming is the circle icon in the folders) but it says Unity.dll is missing?

Hey Caleviel! Did you extract all the files together? The Unity.dlll should be in the same folder as the OneHandClapping Application when you try to open the game (if it's not though - please let us know!) Thanks for wanting to check out our game, really appreciate the support ^^❤️

I did finally get it downloaded, only I can’t play because I don’t have a mic. I thought my headphone mic would work but they don’t 😂. 


This game looked so interesting. Too bad that it isn't working for me. Sadly it didn't recognize my mic. Maybe I'll be able to play it one day.

I had this problem but for some reason changing to windowed instead of full screen fixed it for me.


How much is the recommended Screams Volume Are needed to quench the abys that is my soul

~My Stumach


recommended specs? Please

We have the recommended specs in the description above! ^^


This is such a fun game! About to play it again. =)


Aww glad you're enjoying it so much! If you redownload the game from our itch page, we actually just updated it, so it's a bit more optimized now (less bug/crash/mic delay problems!) Hopefully that makes the experience even better for you❤️

Tell me the recommended specs, if you can, please.


I'm trying to play the game but it won't work I added it to my collection but I don't know where to go from here if someone could tell be what to do that would be great 

Hey briaarms! Thanks for wanting to check out our game! Were you trying to download the PC or Mac version of the game? You'll have to 'Extract All' to unzip all the files and then double click on the OneHandClapping Application in order to play the game. Let me know which part of the download/etc process you got stuck with so I can help out more ^^❤️

Did not work for me.


Hey XcreovB! Were you having problems downloading the game or did you run into problems while playing the game? Would love to help you out so you can play our game 🎵


One of the most unique games I have ever played. I LOVE IT!!


Thanks for playing and sharing our game!! Glad you enjoyed it ^^ 🎵


The first time I launched this game it worked fine from beginning to end but when I launched it the second and third time, there was a delayed input after playing the game for a bit and made it unplayable.

Hey AporexYT! We recently updated our game to address some delayed input problems -- would you mind redownloading the game from itch and letting us know if you're still running into that problem? Thanks so much for checking out our game, we really appreciate the support ^^❤️


Thank you very much, I will redownload the game and let you know, otherwise, I think the game is beautiful, unique, and amazing because it's very interactive.

I ran this game first time was OK, but after this moment(re-run after close the game), game is gonna stopped & crash.(at the Maker's logo)


Do you guys can fix it?

Hey alsrb420! We just updated our game earlier today! If you redownload the game from our itch page, hopefully the updated version will have addressed this crash problem! Let us know if you're still experiencing the crash problems, and we'll make sure to do our best to help you get into the game ^^ Thanks so much for wanting to play our game!❤️

Still crashed.

Can't run this game.


My computer did not open the game. I don't know how to make it run. Did not appear any logo,

Hey camilachaves! Were you able to download the game and unzip the files? We recently updated the game earlier today, so if your computer wasn't able to open it because of its file size, our game now takes up less space! Let us know if you're still running into this problem after redownloading the game from our itch site! Thank you for your support❤️

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Hi, I just installed the game but my mic is not recognized by the game. I have the Bleu yeti microphone. I have the message on my screen "Please plug-in your microphone ". I hope you can help ;)

I don't have a regular mic. 


I finally got a chance to play it, and i'm so sad it's so short, i can't wait for the entire game to release!

Aw thanks so much Jaxtronaut! The team is currently talking about where we want to take the game in the future - we'll make sure to let everyone know once we make concrete decisions ^^ Thanks again for your support!!❤️


What an incredibly imaginative and original game.  I hope it's released fully on to the market soon!  Well done to the creators of it!

Thank you ingobingo!! It makes us super happy to hear that players like you are enjoying our game ^^ We wouldn't be where we are now without your support❤️


Finished my first year guitar and tried this game out to see if being forced to sing was worth it :P

I gotta say, I love it! Definitely expand on this, it's a very unique concept for a game and it's nice to control it with your own voice. Sometimes my mic didn't really pick it up but it's a mic from a headset so I guess it's not the best :P

Fun little experience! Hopefully you people expand on it!

- Gaster

Hahah thank you! It's super cool hearing people playing the game with their instruments! Glad to hear that you were able to enjoy it both with your guitar and with your voice ^^ (If you hit 'ESC' and increase the mic sensitivity, your mic might be able to pick up your voice/instrument better!) Thanks for the support - it truly means a lot to us ❤️

Can you make 32-bit version? 


love this game. I hope there is more to come? I mean like other version? Other challenge? That would be cool 😎 

Thank you ShuCore! We hope so! The team is talking about where we want to take the game in the future - as soon as we make concrete decisions, we'll make sure to keep you all in the loop ❤️ Thank you so much for your support and for sharing your playthrough with us and the world! ^^


As both a musician and a gamer I loved it!

Thank you Oktopod!! Happy to hear that it was enjoyable on both ends ^^ ❤️


I am chinene and I really love this game,I think the game well become famous in china

Thank you tail5! We just released an updated version with Chinese localization, so if you redownload the game from our itch page, you'll be able to have the game in Chinese ^^ Thanks for your support!! Seeing Chinese players play our game has been super awesome ❤️


Yeah, I to support that you add it on mobile too. It would be great


Hey, I played your game and it was awesome. Love it. Keep up the good work.

Thank you SoundStorm14!! YOU'RE super awesome for playing our game :D Really appreciate the support ❤️

Help! I downloaded the game but it doesn't run on my computer, can you help me? I love the game and love you, please... Your game is very famous now, you must change the game to the other plataforms...

Hey Davi! We recently updated the game today, so let us know if you redownload the game from our itch page but are still having problems! We'd love to expand to other platforms if we're able to have the resources to do so ❤️ Thanks for your support!

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soo i dowload the file i un-zip the .zip folder then he gave me an error and tell me this:

you can not run this app on youre computer.

to scan a version of youre computer check with the software version.

what i need to do...

i was sooo extited to play this game... :(

Hey rubenmario20! Thanks for wanting to check out our game! ❤️Are you using a PC or Mac? We also recently updated our game today, so would you mind redownloading One Hand Clapping from our itch page and letting us know if you're still experiencing this problem?  Would love to help you out so you can play the game as well ^^

well actualy im using a laptop and maby i dont have some sistem requirements(i hop i write right)

Bat il re dowload it.

Thenk you for replying👍

ok so i just dowloaded the game and un zip is and i had the same error...

Bat if il try use the desktop app this culd let me play it?

Il try thet too


i dont have winzip what do i do

I downloaded the itch downloading site and then used it to download


7zip is free.

you can use thet i think 30 days free trial for somthing i use it on my old pc thet i dont have et my its et my grandmom bat i had a version of it thet testing version and i think it still works fina...

Bat you can just install win zip the free testing trial and keep or instal other thing...

Maybe the servers are overloaded right now? Because the download is failing a lot of times, but I guess it's because of a video about it and I should try later...

Hey ferinsy! Most likely your computer doesn't have space for the game, but good news is -- we'll be releasing an updated version of the game later this week that has a smaller file size! I'll make sure to message you when that happens so you know when to redownload it ^^ Thanks for your support and patience ❤️

No, I have over 400GB available, it was something about the server, really. I clicked the "my download didn't start" button and could download it by the side link ^^

Hey ferinsy! We just updated the game today! Do you mind redownloading it from our itch page and letting us know if you're still experiencing this problem! Thanks for your patience ❤️


When I download it, it wont work because it wont let me open it, it is a .zip file that for some reason wont open please fix your downloading for this game everyone is having issues with it so please fix ASAP 

Thank You,


Hey shoogy1! Sorry that you're having problems downloading! We just updated our game earlier today, so do you mind redownloading the game and letting us know if you're still experiencing this problem? Are you using a Mac or PC? Would love to help narrow down the problem so we can help you be able to play the game❤️

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My tip for people playing this game is to raise the mic's sensibility (Windows' "Sound" settings > Input > Device properties > Levels). I love the game, but I noticed that I was having to hum very loud for it to notice my voice, and I noticed the same thing happening to other players, from their gameplay videos. Maybe it would be nice to add some in-game settings to change that?

I personally bumped mine with a whopping +20.0 dB, and my second playthrough was much, much easier (not "cheating" easy, just a lot more responsive and less frustrating).

Awesome game, really. Shame it's short. Any plans for creating a longer version (of course, not a "pay-what-you-want" version)?


Hi gninolps! Thank you for posting this so other people can see. In addition to raising the mic volume in Windows' settings, there's an option in the in-game pause menu to increase mic sensitivity.  Thanks again for your support! 🎵


Wow, funny that I missed it! I think all I could see was "recalibrate", and I was blind to all other options.


Most innovative game I've played in a good while. The art is amazing and the music is so atmospheric. I've never seen anything like the mechanics in this game before. It really shows that the devs put a lot of work into the game so I wish you guys the best of luck with developing it!

Thanks Havoc Games! Really appreciate the kind words ^^ ❤️


This seriously needs a to be a mobile game. One reason why is because there's a couple of plagiarized versions already, but the main reason is just because it's the perfect platform for a minimalistic game like this.

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The second level loaded about 1 HOUR!!!!After i fallen in cave and....I could not move!!! I press in arrows but nothing happened!!! FIX IT!!!  8 singing pickles out of 10 


You should ask nicely.


Hey Filename2! Sorry you were having problems with the game - we're currently working on optimizing our game assets to make the game run smoother and faster! I'll make sure to message you when we release an update so you can redownload the game 🎵 Thanks for your patience and support!

Hey Filename2! We just updated our game! Let us know if you're still experiencing this problem after redownloading the game from our itch page! Would love for you to be able to continue playing the game ❤️ Thanks for your patience!

Hmm, My specs meets the requirements except memory, i have 6 GB and 3 GB available only (Windows paging and stuff), I couldn't even start the game, please help me, i really want to play this game :(

Hey KingLuigi4932! We're currently working on optimizing game asset size so the game doesn't take as much space -- sorry that you haven't been able to play the game yet D: I'll definitely make sure to message you when we update the game so you can redownload it and play it ^^ Thanks for your support and patience 🎵



Hey KingLuigi4932! We just updated the game earlier today! Let us know if you're still unable to start the game after redownloading One Hand Clapping from our itch page! Thanks for your patience and support ❤️


What are those stones for? I didn't notice I could activate them until I saw a gameplay video. Are they considered a secret? I noticed that there's at least one outside of the main path. How many are there in total? What happens if you activate them all?


Hey gninolps! They're just a fun optional puzzle you can do ^^ We wanted to make sure the game was playable for players of any skill level while also including puzzles for players who wanted a bit of a side challenge (there are two that are outside the main path) 🎵! 


Nice, found them all, I think.

There are 5 of them in total, 2 hidden from the main paths as OHC mentioned. I'll give hints of their locations below, under the alert, so read at your own risk. Each time you activate a stone, a part of your body gets colorful, and that's it. Nothing else unlocked as far as I can notice. The ending was the same.


1st hidden stone: Right after the area you have to cross, with 2 floating rocks.

2nd hidden stone: Shortly after your green friend joins you.


1st: Create a bridge/stair that goes over both floating rocks, instead of going over the first one and under the second one. The magic stone is on a platform to the right.

2nd: After creating a few platforms, you'll need to go over a large gap by making some more platforms. Instead of making them, keep walking down the slope. Activating this magic stone is a bit tricky, but I'm sure you can figure it out.


For me the game gets loaded for 5 seconds and then there's a blackscreen. When i press esc i can see the menu, and in the beginning i can only see 'sing your lowest tone' or something like that. How can I fix this? :((( I really wan't to play this game

Oh no! We'll be releasing an updated version of the game later this week - and hopefully it fixes this problem TheWitcher03! Thanks so much for wanting to play our game ❤️ I'll make sure to message you as soon as we release an update so you can redownload and try it again :) 

Hey TheWitcher03! We just updated the game earlier today! Let us know if you're still having this problem after redownloading One Hand Clapping from our itch page! Thanks for your patience and support ❤️

Why the hell would a 2D game need 8 GB RAM!? Oh cmon, can't you make the game spec lower?

Sorry if i sounded harsh. It's just i really wanna play the game but my computer doesn't support it. The game concept sounds really cute.

Hey SinarDewa! We're currently working on optimizing the game assets inside the game to make the game file smaller! Sorry that the file size has been preventing you from playing it - I'll make sure to keep you updated as to when we're releasing an updated version of the game ❤️ Thanks for wanting to play the game, really appreciate your support ^^

Hey SinarDewa! We just updated the game earlier today with some file size optimization! Let us know if you're still unable to play the game after redownloading One Hand Clapping from our itch page! Thanks for your patience and support ❤️

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