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Incredible concept! I had so much fun, I really hope we'll get a longer version someday! I'll totally buy.

Thanks so much Lilyh! Really appreciate the support ^^ We hope to be able to continue working on the game to provide you all a longer version as well ❤️🎵

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I was originally drawn to this because of the pleasant colour pallet. I hadn't even read the description before clicking the download button and was even more excited to play it when I discovered I could sing my way through this game. I have a passion for singing and this game was right up my alley. I am so glad that I managed to play it and hope to see more projects like this in the future. If anyone is interested in seeing my play through then here's the video!

The gameplay itself starts at 0.37 seconds.

Super happy to hear that you enjoyed the singing aspect of the game!! Thanks for sharing the playthrough :D 🎵


Pleasing to eyes and ears. :)

Thank you!! We had super talented audio and art teams 🎵


It's amazing and fun. It seems to be the best indie game I've ever played this year.

한줄평: 개꿀잼



Hi, i played this game.

very impressed

and i made a video and post a youtube

i loved it

Thanks methow!! Glad you enjoyed playing our game :D ❤️


Hi, I made a video of this game last week but never posted it here 😅

Awesome game, I really loved it!

Ohh saw your twitter post about it ^^ thanks for sharing your playthrough! Really appreciate the support ❤️


I loved this game. I truly did. Great job devs. I would love to see a full game with more detailed story and game play. 

Thanks Nightmaaron! Glad you loved the game ^^ Makes it completely worth it on our end to hear that ❤️


I am so impressed by this game because you get to use your voice to affect the game! Amazing job!

Thanks superkitty 7889!! ❤️


how to download the game 

Click on download...

Hey anis necibi! Are you still having download problems? Would love to help more if you're confused ^^ ❤️


I loved this game and am always disappointed when it ends. Would love to see a longer version and would be willing to pay to purchase it. I'm an emerging singer and this is a wonderful way for me to practice. Thanks for making such a cool game.

Thanks josings!! Happy to hear that you enjoyed the game as a singer ^^ ❤️

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As a gamer, I am super excited that there is a game encouraging people to sing, whether they can't or not. OHC is a great game to play, but there are some serious flaws that concern YouTube gamers like myself.


Very professional looking

Concept is great and greatly realized right away

Amazing choice of colors and soundtrack


When the game opens, whether you have the right specs or not, it takes a long time for it to load. Even at all the other loading screens.

Playing the game at all made my computer seriously slow, close to a freezing point.

There is only a download and zip file. No install or un-install at all. No game should be made without an install/un-install feature.

When editing the video, my computer was dangerously slow that it made my editing software crash. That has never happened before. (I had to delete everything from One Hand Clapping.)

I love the game, Weebly, but One Hand Clapping needs some serious work. I'm lucky enough to even finish the editing. I still intend to upload the video, but I worry on how long the upload will take to finish. When I put in the details of the upload, I will put a warning sign for all YouTube gamers.

(Edit: I take that back. The editing IS done, but now my editing software won't even let me export the video. It keeps crashing. I regret playing the game now. What did you do? I'm too scared to shut down my computer, because I don't know if it will start up when I press the power button.)


Dude, none of that is the game's fault. If your editing program had problems, that's either on your computer or on the editing software. If the game was not running (i.e. while you were editing), the game cannot slow down your computer in any way.

For the record, I ran this on Linux (NOT A SUPPORTED PLATFORM), with integrated graphics (NO GPU), 8GB RAM, and a dual core 2.4GHz Intel processor. I did not run into a single problem with the game and played all the way through. Keep in mind, the specs don't mean anything if you're using all your compute power and memory for other things, like Chrome.

It just doesn't make sense, though. My editing software has been slow, but not to a point where it would crash without a warning. I know my computer isn't up to par for certain  games I want to play, but before I downloaded OHC, the editing software was never dangerously slow. I couldn't figure out what was making my compute power act like that.


Just confirming, the game was closed when you were editing it, right?

Also when was the last time you rebooted?

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Let me say, firstly, that I loved the idea and had some fun playing. As many have done, I will post my opinions on the project below in the hopes that it will help you steer the game in the best direction. I wish you the best of luck!


There is something very professional-looking in this game. Something about the layout and the fonts in the menus. 

The concept is awesome and it is realized with relative success.

Good choice of colors and pleasant sounds(except my own).


Not having the gift of music, I found that I constantly made mistakes with my voice. This actually speaks of how well your game perceives notes and encourages people to tune themselves better, but I think the difficulty curve should be less steep in order to hook people up for longer.

I understand there is a choice of style in the art. That it is simplistic and focus on colors. This choice is good. Regardless, the drawings themselves are just not good. They look strange at their best and straight lazy at their worst. The mass of enemies that move together is just ugly. 


the game is super cool but idont have money to download this game

You don't need money to download. That is an option, and from what I understand, all the money they receive are donations. Once you click download, you'll see what I mean.

Hey jalildz! Like RabbitFunWorld said, you don't have to pay anything to download the game! ^^ We wanted to make sure that money wouldn't be a problem for people interested in playing the game. Let me know if you're having problems downloading though, and I'll be happy to help you out more❤️


Please make this game longer! Really love it

Thanks kaywii! We'd also love to make the game longer if we have the resources to do so ^^ Thanks for the support! ❤️


Wanna Play this, I tried run the updated version, Still crashed.

What should I do?

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It was a fun game :D

First off, I love the concept of this game and had to get it myself but sadly I ran into many errors while playing. 

Many, many times I would not be able to jump onto platforms, I have to jump like crazy for a long time to finally manage getting onto anything or I'd be stuck in the ground a bit that I can't jump high enough to move on. 

Then there is that room where you create those light bridges where the first one would work kinda fine, then suddenly the light bridge turns just a black line that brings me into nowhere so I'm not able to get to the next  puzzle part and there the game becomes unplayable as I also can't go back.

The stone puzzles seems to not work for me at all past the first stone, nothing happening no matter what I try to sing or do.

And the thing that bothers me the most is that there just is no save in this game, if the game crashes or I give up because I can't go on anymore, I'll always have to do everything from the beginning which can be a bit tiring after the 25th time or so.

I've reinstalled the game 2 times already but the problems still occurs and it's really such a shame cause I really am interested in this game with the design and all, even donated a bit of the money I could spare.

Maybe one day it'll work for me, maybe after some bug fixes or such but until then I guess I can only wait.

installing is rough


Such an original idea!


This is really a great game, two thumbs up and a must buy.


Great Game show Like.

Would you ever consider trying to make this game for chromebooks and androids?



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This game has been wonderful so far, only having a few issues with the calibration, I couldn't fill the bar after I set the note. A cancel button or a reset button would nice. However, otherwise the game runs smoothly and not to spoil anything but the little secrets are nice too.

Edit: Also, one of the terminals doesn't seem to activate in the desert, not sure if that is on purpose. (The one below the rock stairs)


I recorded a video on this, but because the game closed itself after the credits, I lost the recording :P

This game is really awesome though! Great job!

Ah oh no! Sorry that you lost the recording :'( but thank you for playing it! ❤️


I absolutely love this game! It has amazing graphics and great and unexpected characters, I hope that other people play and experience the beauty of this game! 

Thank you so much The_Darkened_Void! ❤️ Glad that you enjoyed playing our game :D 

I'm unable to figure out how to download the game.. I came here from Markiplier's youtube. I download it and it pulls up the files, then gives the option  to unzip/extract the files, which I do. Once that's done I try to open the game (which I'm assuming is the circle icon in the folders) but it says Unity.dll is missing?

Hey Caleviel! Did you extract all the files together? The Unity.dlll should be in the same folder as the OneHandClapping Application when you try to open the game (if it's not though - please let us know!) Thanks for wanting to check out our game, really appreciate the support ^^❤️

I did finally get it downloaded, only I can’t play because I don’t have a mic. I thought my headphone mic would work but they don’t 😂. 


This game looked so interesting. Too bad that it isn't working for me. Sadly it didn't recognize my mic. Maybe I'll be able to play it one day.

I had this problem but for some reason changing to windowed instead of full screen fixed it for me.


How much is the recommended Screams Volume Are needed to quench the abys that is my soul

~My Stumach


recommended specs? Please

We have the recommended specs in the description above! ^^


This is such a fun game! About to play it again. =)


Aww glad you're enjoying it so much! If you redownload the game from our itch page, we actually just updated it, so it's a bit more optimized now (less bug/crash/mic delay problems!) Hopefully that makes the experience even better for you❤️

Tell me the recommended specs, if you can, please.


I'm trying to play the game but it won't work I added it to my collection but I don't know where to go from here if someone could tell be what to do that would be great 

Hey briaarms! Thanks for wanting to check out our game! Were you trying to download the PC or Mac version of the game? You'll have to 'Extract All' to unzip all the files and then double click on the OneHandClapping Application in order to play the game. Let me know which part of the download/etc process you got stuck with so I can help out more ^^❤️

Did not work for me.


Hey XcreovB! Were you having problems downloading the game or did you run into problems while playing the game? Would love to help you out so you can play our game 🎵


One of the most unique games I have ever played. I LOVE IT!!


Thanks for playing and sharing our game!! Glad you enjoyed it ^^ 🎵


The first time I launched this game it worked fine from beginning to end but when I launched it the second and third time, there was a delayed input after playing the game for a bit and made it unplayable.

Hey AporexYT! We recently updated our game to address some delayed input problems -- would you mind redownloading the game from itch and letting us know if you're still running into that problem? Thanks so much for checking out our game, we really appreciate the support ^^❤️


Thank you very much, I will redownload the game and let you know, otherwise, I think the game is beautiful, unique, and amazing because it's very interactive.

I ran this game first time was OK, but after this moment(re-run after close the game), game is gonna stopped & crash.(at the Maker's logo)


Do you guys can fix it?

Hey alsrb420! We just updated our game earlier today! If you redownload the game from our itch page, hopefully the updated version will have addressed this crash problem! Let us know if you're still experiencing the crash problems, and we'll make sure to do our best to help you get into the game ^^ Thanks so much for wanting to play our game!❤️

Still crashed.

Can't run this game.


My computer did not open the game. I don't know how to make it run. Did not appear any logo,

Hey camilachaves! Were you able to download the game and unzip the files? We recently updated the game earlier today, so if your computer wasn't able to open it because of its file size, our game now takes up less space! Let us know if you're still running into this problem after redownloading the game from our itch site! Thank you for your support❤️

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