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In steam it said that it was free but its not free              

Now im sad

Hey there! We can help with that. 😃 above the $2.00 suggested donation, you’ll see a link that says “No thanks, just take me to the downloads”.  Click, download for free, and enjoy! 

A really creative and well-made game. The unique mechanisms of using your voice was portrayed well. Had fun playing it

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Awesome! Great persistence with figuring out how the shrines worked 😃 Thank you for sharing, we’re happy to hear you enjoyed it! 👏 ❤️ 


thanks!! :D

If you'd like to translate the game in French, I can help you! (I'll volunteer)

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Hey there Laucrte! Thank you for volunteering! 🎉💕 I believe right now we are all set on the new translation front. We really appreciate everyone who offers their time and skills ✨ you all are the best!

Anytime :D 

Is the full version going to be released anytime soon?


Hey queenlynxbb, thanks for checking in! We’re currently doing the best we can to get the longer version rolling. You can check out our progress by signing up for the newsletter (at, and we’d love to hear your thoughts as we go along! ✨

It was super fun to play! I found myself humming all through the game once I got into it by the first few voice segments. Though, as Brendan said in a comment below, a voice range option like being asked for the lowest and highest comfortable tone would be super nice, since my lowest comfortable tone is still somewhat high and I was caught off-guard by having to do higher notes. Also, having to breathe in and causing the way that shapes according to pitch to spike up was a problem for me, but I'm not sure if that can be easily solved >.< 

Overall a super cute game, the player character is just adorable and being encuraged to play with one's voice is a fun concept i  haven't really seen much of before!

Hi Rakiria, thank you so much for your helpful feedback! We’ll take it all into consideration as we go forward. We also have a newsletter that will provide updates throughout the development process, and we’d love to hear your thoughts going forward too (available at You can also leave comments on our FB/Twitter sites, too! Thank you so much for playing and so happy to hear you enjoyed the game!! ❤️ 

64 bits ;-;

i really want an installer for this game.  reply if you want me to make one for you!

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Hey sastofficial! Thanks for the message 😊 at the time we are all good on this matter. We totally appreciate your offer regardless! Incredibly kind of you ❤️ 

Really enjoyed my time with One Hand Clapping. I like platformers a lot and was nice to see a new take on the genre by the power of your vocal chords. 

If you take any feed back I'd suggest have different threshold options for people like me who lack the talent to sing and another option for those who can sing and be able to be more precise with notes. I also thought some of the puzzles went on a bit too long as it took a while to reach those notes. 

I am looking forward to a full release as it's a concept that I find compelling a lot with the aesthetic of the game. Thanks for sharing the concept demo and hope it reaches a release. 

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Hahah awesome playthrough, thank you for sharing it with us! Thanks for the excellent feedback. We’re currently working on a longer game and we’ll be sure to keep these words in mind. You can sign up for a newsletter we’re doing at our main website (, where we’d love to hear more of your impressions as we continue with development. Can also leave comments at our FB/Twitter pages, too. Thank you once again!! 

how to download this game? when i click "no thanks, just take me to the download page", it swos the same page.

Hi EarleneE! Sorry there seem to be some issues with downloading the game for you. Can I ask what browser/version you’re using? That should give us a good starting point to help! 👍

Where can I change my microphone?

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Hi KazigKaasje! Is it an internal or external microphone that you're having trouble with? If it's internal, you may need to sing louder or closer to the microphone for it to pick up your voice. If you're having trouble with an external microphone, the ones that come with earbuds should work great as well!

I have a microphone attached to my headset, and OHC is set to that. Though I would rather connect to my usb microphone I just got, but I don't knoe hoe to switch to it.

Deleted post

Hello AlexKoala! Although we happen to have a Korean translator working with us already, we are very glad you asked and thank you so much for wanting to contribute! 

So, quick question: what are your plans on release? When it is going to be available?

Hey, AwesomeDarkTeam! We're working on creating a longer game at the moment, and we'll be releasing updates related to game content and our release date in our newsletter. There's a link to it at the top of the page (leads to our main site). We're working hard on it and we hope you'll enjoy it! :)

I couldn't figure out the function of the little blue shrines at all or how to access them, but otherwise, what a lovely little experience!

Hi Laiska, so glad you had fun! The shapes on the shrines offer clues as to how to sing to unlock them (for example, a hint: a line going upward means sing from low to hi).  We hope you’ll give it another go - there’s something special that happens with every one that’s unlocked! 👏💕 Thank you for playing and letting us know you enjoyed it 😃

cool game XD play around with your voice, the blue thing, it took me awhile to guess the note tune (may need to get better mic to capture your tune/voice more clearly)

Dear amelala, glad you liked it!! Yes, sometimes results can vary depending on the microphone used 🎤

my mic is the most cheap and common mic its very small and very very cheap mic inside the cheapest headphone that cost less then $1

why the gameplay have copyright claims

The Sound of One Hand Clapping - Aaron Spieldenner

Rising Sun/Intro/is This the End...Or a New Beginning? - Aaron Spieldenner

Final Call and Response - Aaron Spieldenner

just wondering only thanks

We’re currently looking into this! Thanks for bringing it to our attention! 🕵️‍♂️

hi after i got a new GPU with DX11 support the game works 100% and im glad i did finish the game from the first tray

you can see how i did and thank you again for making such a great game like this and i love to play more games from you again


Dear Michael_vx, Awesome! Glad to hear it, and thank you so much for posting your play through! Great work 🎉💕 We are in the process of making a longer game, and we hope you’ll enjoy it! We have a mailing list in the meantime that you can sign up for to stay updated about content and our release date in the future!

i cannot wait to see the full long version of this game

It was an honor. :)


best vid of this

Ahaha this was a hilarious playthrough! :D Learned some interesting science facts along the way, too! Thanks for sharing (and thank you for playing, Tench Froast!)

This game made me so happy :3 it's beautiful and i like it a lot.It was a bit frustrating but i love it so much.

Hey, AwkwardGamer! Thanks for taking the time to play, and so happy to hear you enjoyed it! :)

weeee :3 Your welcome!

The game won't load the first level for me. I get through the tutorial and just see the black loading screen. The sounds and actual gameplay load, just not the visuals. Even on the lowest quality setting.

Hi there, thekatface - can I ask what the specs of your computer are? That might help give us some insight as to what the problem could be. Thanks!


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Hi Derak, worry not! :) You can still use your computer's built-in microphone, but you will usually need to either sing louder or lean in closer for your voice to be picked up more accurately. Also, fancy microphones not required - you can even use the ones that are typically included in a standard pair of earbuds. Hope this helps, and hope you enjoy the game! :)

where would the mic be on a dell computer

a Dell Laptop 15.6 Inch ,500 GB,4 GB RAM,Intel Celeron,DOS,Black - 3552

sorry if its a lot of info

its ok if you dont know because i tried looking it up

couldn't figure it out




i don't have a mic.It worked for me .

you do need some kind of mic, but it doesn't have to be a real one... any kind of headset you could talk into (for gaming, even just headphones you'd use to talk on a cell phone) would work.

I love to sing, so this game was absolutely delightful. I hope you enjoy the lets play I did for this. :) Thank you. 

Thank YOU for playing! :) It was so much fun to watch your genuine enthusiasm throughout this whole video! :) And thank you for the two-handed clap, too! What an honor! :D

As many other people have said, for lots of people the game doesn't detect the lowest note or whatever so it is unusable

Hi Orbyte Games! Sorry to hear you've having issues with this. Are you using an external microphone, or the built-in microphone with your computer? People usually get the best results when using an external one (even something simple, like on a pair of earbuds, usually work great). Let us know if you're still experiencing problems and we'll be glad to help. :)

Actually I am using an XLR microphone via a DAC over USB, so probably an atypical setup. The microphone is however detected by most other programs so I'm not sure what the issue might be

hi can u tell me how to get into the game

Hi, anime unicorns! Sure thing - you can get started by clicking the "Download Now" button towards the top of the page. Shortly afterwards, our icon will show up, which will get you started! (It may take some time for the icon to appear, depending on the specs of your computer.) Hope you enjoy it! :)

I just can't input my lowest voice,and I can't enter the game, that really upset me a lot.

After I finish the first option, it suddenly stop for about 2secs, then I reached the "sing your lowest voice" part, and nomatter what I said it's just nothing happened, that makes me really upset. I really want to play

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Hi there, espina de oliva! Sorry to hear that the game's having problems picking up your lowest note. Are you using a microphone, by chance? Although the game can work with the computer's built-in microphone, using an external microphone tends to get much more accurate results. Let us know if you continue having issues and we'll do our best to help!

Thanks a great lot!I'll try to get a new mic!

hi the game works fine until i fall under the ground

the game play sounds only with black screen i need a help

Hey, Michael_vx! Sorry to hear that the game's giving you some trouble. Does your PC fall under all of the system requirements listed above? It may be in need of an OS upgrade, or perhaps something else. We'll do our best to figure it out. Let us know!

sorry for late

almost everything in system requirements match

only the RAM is 4GB and my GPU supports DX10 max


now i have 6 GB of ram

trouble fixed

got a new GPU supports DX11

AMD radeon HD 7470

I just played this game for my channel and I loved it so much. Thank you for such a beautiful game and keep up the great work! Find it on EmberWytch Games soon. Thank you again.

Thanks so much for the kind words! So happy you enjoyed it!

For some reason whenever I try to launch this game it gets to the opening screen then freezes. I'm playing on Windows and have tried reinstalling

Hi Nerdic! Sorry to hear you've run into some trouble. Does your PC meet all of the system requirements listed above? If so, let us know if the problem persists and we'll do our best to help out!

I have headphones with a microphone built  into them will they work for this?

any microphone or headphone works fine as long as it will hear you



I made a video about your game, hope you like it.

Haha we loved it! Pretty sure this is the first time we've seen someone beatbox to make their sound waves in the desert. 😆 Thanks for playing and sharing with us!!!

'Please Plug In Your Microphone' So I connect my earphone but it keeps saying that word. Is this normal? Should I use microphone or headphone?

any microphone or headphone works fine as long as it will hear you

i  tried to download it but my WinZip (this download with a past download:Stuck @home) popped up and had me exit out some stuff zip files etc and then i got tired of it and went to the files to just clicked the Application and there was no Application can somebody help me on this??

Once you extract all the files (which you can do by right-clicking the zip folder and clicking Extract All) you'll see an executable called OneHandClapping, which will get you up and running. It sounds like you might not have extracted the files. If you're still stuck, post a screenshot and I'll try to help you out. Thanks for downloading!

got it working thanks for the advice :D

Awesome! Glad to hear it :)

I absolutely just love this little gem! It's such an interesting concept to make use of the otherwise well known karaoke-singstar-mechanic in a "real" computer game with an interesting world and atmosphere!

A while ago I made a Let's Play video of "One Hand Clapping" and I figured that I'd share it here. Enjoy :)


i just wanted to say i loved your video X'DD

So, I totally forgot to reply to your comment, sorry about that :C I'm SO happy that you liked my video of this awesome little game! Maybe there's other stuff on my channel that you would find funny and interesting? :D


Thanks so much for sharing your voice with all of us! Take On Me has never sounded so beautiful....

Haha, I must say that I prefer other versions of Take On Me, but then again, most people hate the sound of their own voice ;D Again, thanks for creating this awesome and unique game, I hope to see much more from you guys in the future!

Does this work with an iMac's built-in microphone? It asks me to plugin one so... I wasn't sure if it was possible to play it with just the built-in :-/ I've seen YouTubers play it and it looks and sounds fantastic, but...

Hmmm it can work with a built in microphone although you might get some feedback. That pop up displays when the game can’t detect any active mic so I’d make sure your internal microphone is enabled or use an external microphone if possible. Thanks for downloading!

Cool, I'll check that -- thanks for the reply, I'll try again! :)

Very ineresting game project! 

Thanks! <3

Hi, just noticed this game from youtubers over the world. :D

My opinion is that it's a great game. The idea to use real voices is amazing. Although it doesn't possess a lot of challenge for experienced singer. Is there any more challenging 'singing' game out there? Or in development, or at least any info?

Thank you for your great comment Adhiesc! One of our design goals was to make the game accessible for people of all singing experience. A longer game could certainly teach players more and becoming more challenging! If you want to stay up to date with the future of One Hand Clapping then you can follow us on Twitter (@OHC_Team) and Facebook (@onehandclappinggame) or visit our website and sign up for our newsletter. 

So, at the start of the game when it says "sing your loest comfortable note," I do it and it doesn't work. I also can't change the sensitivity.

pls help

Hey GannonStrike! Thanks for downloading the game and sorry to hear that you can't get it to work. Have you tested your microphone outside of the game? You may need to raise the microphone volume externally by increasing the gain on your microphone or changing it in system settings. On Windows, this is under Sound>Recording>Microphone>Levels. On Mac, it's under System Preference>Sound>Input>Input Volume.

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